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GIZ Projekt “NHS und Frühförderung in Kyrgyzstan” ID 2007039 

GIZ Projekt “NHS und Frühförderung in Kyrgyzstan” ID 2007039 – Aktivitäten 02.2021-12.2021
  der Schwerpunkt lag hier bisher auch auf Schulung allerdings bisher nur Online, vor Ort durch Dr. Munar Bejshenova in Osh.
  Anschaffung von erforderlichen Geräten (teilweise als Geschenk durch die Lehnhardt und die Place Stiftung)
 Enge Zusammenarbeit mit UNICEF Cholpon Imanalieva – Konferenz im Dezember in Bishkek (hybrid)
  Peter Zoth plant eine Reise nach K. im Frühjahr 2022
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GIZ project “NHS and early intervention in Kyrgyzstan” ID 2007039  – activities 02.2021-12.2021
The focus here has so far been on training, but so far only online, on-site by Dr. Munar Bejshenova in Osh.
Acquisition of the necessary equipment (partly as a gift from Lehnhardt and the Place Foundation)
Close cooperation with UNICEF Cholpon Imanalieva – Conference in December in Bishkek (hybrid)
Peter Zoth is planning a trip to K. in spring 2022

GIZ Projekt “CI und Langzeitversorgung gehörloser Kinder in Kyrgyzstan” ID 1906085

im Rahmen dieses Projekts sind bereits eine Fülle von Aktivitäten von 08.2020-12.2021
  Ausbildung lokaler Fachleute Online und vor Ort
  Beratung von Eltern Online und vor Ort
  Gründung der “International Association of hearing rehabilitation specialists”(IAHRS)
  Intensives Rehatraining für Kinder mit CI und deren Eltern
  Reise von Prof. T. Just und Dr. Iryna Driamina (KMG, Güstrow) und MLG nach Bishkek im Dezember 2020
  Operationen, Vorträge, Treffen mit der deutschen Botschafterin etc.
  Finanzieller Zuschuss der deutschen Botschaft für die Einrichtung von 2 Räumen am National Center of Maternity and Childhood Care
  Enge Zusammenarbeit mit Hamad Medical Corporation/ Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Qahtani /Qatar
  Hospitation von Dr. Shirin Zhumabaeva und Dr. Akylai Kargabaeva in Güstrow und St. Pölten
  Fortsetzung der Schulungen Online und vor Ort
  Hospitationen zweier Ärztinnen und zweier Therapeutinnen in Güstrow und Friedberg im Frühjahr 2022
  Gründung einer National Academy of Hearing in Bishkek
  Gründung einer Alumni Gruppe unserer ca. 200 Schützlinge (nicht nur aus Kyrgyzstan!!)
  PR Kampagne mit einer Agentur Aigul Kubatova – diese verzögerte sich aus unersichtlichen Gründen, wird aber weiter verfolgt

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Within the framework of this project, there are already a wealth of activities from 08.2020-12.2021
Training of local professionals online and on site
Advice from parents online and on site
Foundation of the “International Association of hearing rehabilitation specialists” (IAHRS)
Intensive rehab training for children with CI and their parents
Journey of Prof. T. Just and Dr. Iryna Driamina (KMG, Güstrow) and MLG to Bishkek in December 2020
Operations, lectures, meetings with the German ambassador, etc.
Financial grant from the German embassy for the establishment of 2 rooms at the National Center of Maternity and Childhood Care
Close collaboration with Hamad Medical Corporation / Dr. Abdulsalam Al-Qahtani / Qatar
Observation by Dr. Shirin Zhumabaeva and Dr. Akylai Kargabaeva in Güstrow and St. Pölten
Continuation of the online and on-site training
Two doctors and two therapists attended in Güstrow and Friedberg in spring 2022
Establishment of a National Academy of Hearing in Bishkek
Foundation of an alumni group of our approx. 200 protégés (not only from Kyrgyzstan !!)
PR campaign with an agency Aigul Kubatova – this was delayed for no apparent reason, but will continue to be pursued

January 24th: Round table “Different approaches in therapy for children with CI”

This meeting was special! We are grateful to all the participants for the brilliant presentations and for the interesting discussion in the second part of the meeting: Sue Archbold, Yvonne Seebens, Eulalia Juan Pastor, Pedro Bras da Silva, Isabel Monteiro, Emilia Leongard, Marina Gureva.We discussed many aspects of therapy: the family should be in the center of therapy, not only the work with children is important but also the education of parents. The specialist is not an instructor but a person supporting parents and children. It is important to remember that not all children can reach the same level, we are not talking about competition what really matters is to monitor the progress of the individual child.

The meeting ended with a comment from Susan Broughton: “No end point – no one ever stops learning and if we have done our job well, these young people have tools and knowledge they can use to gain any support they need in adult hood but are also life long learners”

13.1.2021 Online Webinar “Preraring a child for the 1st fitting” – Check up

Online with Marina Gureva for KG parents, who wait of the first fitting on 16.01.2021
Is the child ready for the first fitting? What skills will it use? What tasks can you complete on the days before the fitting? What to take with you?

ANKETA – worksheet for parents
Готов ли ребенок к подключению и первой настройке? Какие навыки ему пригодятся? Какие задания можно выполнить в дни перед настройкой? Что взять с собой на настройку?


04.11.2020 Online Webinar “Preraring a child for the 1st fitting”

The first fitting: 16.-17.01.2021: Telehealth support – Remote training – Fitting

Experienced audiologists made the first fittings in two days. Training for Shirin Zhumabaeva was organized parallelly.
Dmitrij (Implant Cochlear) with therapist Anastasiya Naimanova and Oksana Djanvahu (Implant MED-EL) worked in two different rooms; on the third room, both the parents and the experts from Germany could see all fittings online on the monitor.
On Saturday at the end of the working day we discussed and answered the questions online.

Thanks a lot to our team in Bishkek and in Germany! It was a great job!

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December 20th: About the grant program «Cochlear Implantation and Long-Term Support of Deaf Children» in Kirgisistan

Dr. Monika Lenhardt-Goriany talk about the “Cochlear Implant and Long-Term Support of Deaf Children” grant program in Kyrgyzstan. As many of you already know, under this program it is planned to teach surgeons, audiologists and therapists in Kyrgyzstan. From 13 to 18 December, the Chairman of the Lehnhardt Foundation – Dr. Monika Lehnhardt and specialists from the partner clinic of this project – KMG Clinic in Gustrow (northern Germany) ENT surgeon Prof. Just with his colleague ENT doctor Irina Driamina are in Bishkek, where they organized 10 CI operations, training seminars and conferences.
Dr. Monika Lehnhardt will share with us the results of the trip and impressions.