13.1.2021 Online Webinar “Preraring a child for the 1st fitting” – Check up

Online with Marina Gureva for KG parents, who wait of the first fitting on 16.01.2021
Is the child ready for the first fitting? What skills will it use? What tasks can you complete on the days before the fitting? What to take with you?

ANKETA – worksheet for parents
Готов ли ребенок к подключению и первой настройке? Какие навыки ему пригодятся? Какие задания можно выполнить в дни перед настройкой? Что взять с собой на настройку?


04.11.2020 Online Webinar “Preraring a child for the 1st fitting”

The first fitting: 16.-17.01.2021: Telehealth support – Remote training – Fitting

Experienced audiologists made the first fittings in two days. Training for Shirin Zhumabaeva was organized parallelly.
Dmitrij (Implant Cochlear) with therapist Anastasiya Naimanova and Oksana Djanvahu (Implant MED-EL) worked in two different rooms; on the third room, both the parents and the experts from Germany could see all fittings online on the monitor.
On Saturday at the end of the working day we discussed and answered the questions online.

Thanks a lot to our team in Bishkek and in Germany! It was a great job!

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