January 24th: Round table “Different approaches in therapy for children with CI”

This meeting was special! We are grateful to all the participants for the brilliant presentations and for the interesting discussion in the second part of the meeting: Sue Archbold, Yvonne Seebens, Eulalia Juan Pastor, Pedro Bras da Silva, Isabel Monteiro, Emilia Leongard, Marina Gureva.We discussed many aspects of therapy: the family should be in the center of therapy, not only the work with children is important but also the education of parents. The specialist is not an instructor but a person supporting parents and children. It is important to remember that not all children can reach the same level, we are not talking about competition what really matters is to monitor the progress of the individual child.

The meeting ended with a comment from Susan Broughton: “No end point – no one ever stops learning and if we have done our job well, these young people have tools and knowledge they can use to gain any support they need in adult hood but are also life long learners”

13.1.2021 Online Webinar “Preraring a child for the 1st fitting” – Check up

Online with Marina Gureva for KG parents, who wait of the first fitting on 16.01.2021
Is the child ready for the first fitting? What skills will it use? What tasks can you complete on the days before the fitting? What to take with you?

ANKETA – worksheet for parents
Готов ли ребенок к подключению и первой настройке? Какие навыки ему пригодятся? Какие задания можно выполнить в дни перед настройкой? Что взять с собой на настройку?


04.11.2020 Online Webinar “Preraring a child for the 1st fitting”

November 29th: Series of webinars / GIZ project Kyrgyzstan. Module4. Natural Auditory Oral Approach – Concept and implementation in the CIC Rhein-Main

Expert: Yvonne Seebens

Modul 4 “Natural Auditory Oral Approach – Concept and implementation in the CIC Rhein-Main” covers following topics:

1. Goals of therapy for children with CI
2. The Natural Auditory Oral Approach NAOA concept

October 25th: Series of webinars / GIZ project Kyrgyzstan. Module1. Habilitation with auditory verbal therapy

Within the framework of the grant program “Cochlear Implantation and Long-Term Support of Deaf Children” received by the Lehnhardt Foundation from the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) for specialists in Kyrgyzstan, our world renown experts conduct several modules of lectures.

Experts: Isabel Monteiro da Costa, Pedro Brás da Silva, Eulalia Juan Pastor