December 20th: About the grant program «Cochlear Implantation and Long-Term Support of Deaf Children» in Kirgisistan

Dr. Monika Lenhardt-Goriany talk about the “Cochlear Implant and Long-Term Support of Deaf Children” grant program in Kyrgyzstan. As many of you already know, under this program it is planned to teach surgeons, audiologists and therapists in Kyrgyzstan. From 13 to 18 December, the Chairman of the Lehnhardt Foundation – Dr. Monika Lehnhardt and specialists from the partner clinic of this project – KMG Clinic in Gustrow (northern Germany) ENT surgeon Prof. Just with his colleague ENT doctor Irina Driamina are in Bishkek, where they organized 10 CI operations, training seminars and conferences.
Dr. Monika Lehnhardt will share with us the results of the trip and impressions.

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